The Digital Twin
– a concept which combines as-built vehicle components, as-experienced loads and environments, and other vehicle-specific characteristics to enable ultrahigh fidelity modeling of aircraft and spacecraft or their components throughout their service lives.

To date, several individual categories within the Digital Twin concept have been identified: Usage, State Awareness, Structural Analysis and Lifing, Data Management, Computing, Probabilistic Design Support, and Integrated Architecture. As such, the discussion posts are divided into the same categories. Therefore, when posting a comment, please categorize your post accordingly. Or, if your post does not fit well within the predefined categories, then place it in Miscellaneous.

This site also serves as a centralized location to disseminate working documents and published literature on (or of interest to) the Digital Twin Community. Currently a document can be posted by emailing it to the NASA Official or Site Curator (listed in the page footer), and it will be added ASAP.

This website serves as a community forum whereby the evolving concept can be open to all who wish to contribute their time and resources. Thanks for being involved!

Anyone can request access to the Digital Twin Yammer Group. Click here to visit the Yammer Group site. Note, please sign up with your company/work email address and not your personal address.